Monday, July 23, 2007

Going Green!

With environmentally-friendly “green design” becoming the wave of the future, we thought we would share some interesting tips for saving some “green” while “going green”.
Green building consultancy firms are cropping up (pun intended) that offer advice to corporations on how to ease their environmental impact by investing in clean or alternative energy projects, encouraging water re-use, solar technology, and aspects of wind design.
The federal government offers an income tax credit of 30% for the cost for a residential solar energy system. Highly efficient new homes and improvements to existing homes can also earn credits. Miami-Dade County gives tax refund bonuses to companies whose facilities qualify as green construction.
With banks and insurance companies also promoting innovative financing and introductory packages for green-certified developments, it’s no wonder the beneficiaries of such incentives will have the competition “green with envy!”

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