Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Eighth Wonder

Keeping in mind that P&H doesn’t advertise,
but has a built our strong client base by referrals and repeat business,
it’s no wonder that our 8th residence
for one of our very special clients is a stunning success!

The newly-built Parkland estate’s charming exterior
is reminiscent of a European chateau.
Breathtaking hardly describes the casual elegance that exudes
from every brick and stone element of this splendid abode.

The interior warmth is further emphasized
with plentiful use of her favorite colors,
vintage-inspired components, and rustic character.
Open wood beams create a dramatic yet comfortable, country home feel.

Clever, themed rooms, each with their own inspiration,
meld their collectible antiques with pieces that mimic hints of the past.

This remarkable residence is a spectacular example
of eclecticism at its best,
creating the illusion that this home has been there forever.

We are truly honored to have been invited back to be a part of it all!

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Sally said...

You write very well.