Monday, November 3, 2008

Country Elegance

Following 3 years of preparation,
P&H eagerly traveled to Pennsylvania
to perform the installation of a
13,000-square foot estate home
located on a hilltop
on the outskirts of Allentown.

This highly anticipated residential installation
combined a traditional flavor,
sprinkled with country accent elements
to create a very homey atmosphere.
It is a grand space, with a great intimacy.

The complete interior was personalized
to accommodate the couple’s focus
on their large Italian family.

The Dining Room, equipped to seat 20,
is just one of the many areas
designed to enjoy the amazing view,
while feasting on the wonderful fare
crafted in the kitchen.

From this vantage point,
it is easy to envision the children
rolling down the grass-covered hills in the summer,
or sliding upon their sleds in the winter.

An entire area is devoted to family photographs,
and the theme of family effortlessly carries through
to every room of this beautiful design.

The dual-kitchens design was a dream come true
for our clients, and will allow the lady of the house
to properly prepare for their family’s
Penn State tailgating parties.

The additional Guest House “Barn” on the property,
with its soaring fireplace and large screen TV,
will be the perfect setting for many future
gatherings and social festivities.

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