Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As 2008 wound down to its final days…
the P&H crew met for another
fabulous holiday party
at Susan Connor’s beautiful home,
decorated as always in splendid seasonal fashion.

We had a chance to relax with our spouses
and/or significant others, and visit with our co-workers
and friends while finally having the chance
to sample Susan’s “famous meatballs”

(as well as a plethora of other tasty treats!)

Our annual gift exchange provided
many hilarious moments, and each of our spouses
received a special surprise present from Susan:
a framed picture of us, personally selected
from the photographer’s collection
of the 20th anniversary party festivities
(see Blog posted 12/10/08).

Looking back over the past year,
we were able to reflect on our many blessings
(including those amazing meatballs!)
and consider ourselves very fortunate
to be a part of this incredible company
in the best country on earth.

May we all never forget to cherish our good fortune
and be grateful for being
surrounded by those who care.

Wishing a New Year of health,
peace and happiness to you & yours.

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