Friday, May 1, 2009

The Roaring 20's

The Roaring Twenties was the theme for the
Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce Gala
held on April 24th.

P&H’s Assistant Controller Myrna Puello
was an integral part of the planning committee
for this noteworthy event that
presented scholarships to
outstanding high school students
who received the Bridge to Leadership Award.

These individuals demonstrated their
leadership qualities outside of the classroom,
while at the same time excelling
in their academic curriculum.

Held at the Heron Bay Marriott Hotel,
amidst zoot suits, flappers, and even an antique auto,
additional awards were also presented
to business leaders in our community
who have exhibited distinction
in their chosen professions.

Attendees included members of the City Council,
as well as our own Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook.

It was a roaring good time for all,
and no one left singin’ the blues!

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