Thursday, July 30, 2009


P&H Interiors was treated to some
very special guests this week.
Our office hosted a Career Day tour
for 10 girls from the Sheridan House.

The focus of the tour was to spark
the students’ interest in the Creative Arts,
and to expose them to different professions
available to them as they look toward the future.

If they can remain motivated to stay in school
and assume responsibility for their own destinies,
they can accomplish great things
as independent, successful women.

Susan Connor and Marisa Leibmann
headed the event by providing
the complete P&H headquarters tour,
explaining the need for our individual departments,
and emphasizing the importance of
how the contributions of every team member
influence the success of each project.

The girls also engaged in
a space planning activity
that incorporated the concepts
of square footage and scale.
Each student was provided
a sample 16x16 room “blueprint”,
and was instructed to plan the interior
using templates. Some very clever designs
were created which included pianos,
additional bathrooms within the allotted space,
and even a walk-in closet!

All in all, we felt a very positive connection
with these career-minded young ladies.
It is our hope that we have contributed
to planting the seeds of inspiration
for their future achievements … and, who knows?
Maybe we have planted the seed
for a future interior designer!

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Anonymous said...


I really think you "give back" to the community. You have sponsored some great programs through P&H Interiors, and it is truly a beautiful gesture. Thank you for your dedication. It is wonderful to see you inspiring the youth of our future!