Monday, November 16, 2009

Hammering Out the Details

Saturday, November 7th
proved to be an eventful day indeed
for P&H's Michele Sommers
and yours truly, Anne Scott-Brown.

The two of us volunteered with

Habitat for Humanity South Palm Beach County

at their Women Build Day.

Habitat's noble mission is to provide simple,
decent, affordable housing for those in need,
working in partnership with them
to make it all possible.

Dozens of ladies reported for duty at the residential construction site in Boynton Beach.

When we weren't busy dodging the airborne sand and sawdust from the gloriously windy day, we assisted in building the support system that would eventually sustain the second floor trusses for the new house.

With hammers and nails, measuring tapes and circular saws, we performed our tasks with little skill but boundless energy.

We must make note of the tremendous patience and expertise displayed by our supervisors (George and Patrick), because without them to lead the way, this enormous undertaking would never have been possible!

They maintained their professionalism during every challenging phase, and managed to keep their cool when everything didn't go just exactly as planned (hey ... we women can't be perfect at absolutely everything now, can we?!?).

For those of us who participated in the May 2009 Women Build, it was great to see some familiar faces again this time around.

I can't wait to attend the dedication of the home that we helped to construct!

The dedication ceremony is always beautiful,
and it's very heartwarming to see
the homeowner receive the keys to the home
they assisted in building
with their own two hands ... literally!

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Cathy76 said...

You ladies rock! Keep up the good work.