Thursday, March 15, 2007

Red Cross Showhouse

As the American Red Cross Designer Showhouse approaches its final weekend for presentation to the public, the unprecedented response by design experts and the public alike continues to soar.
Bank of America hosted a private party on Wednesday, 3/14, at this stellar Las Olas residence. In attendance were some of South Florida’s most affluent cream of the crop, intermingling with design professionals including P&H’s owner & president Susan Connor.
The Sun-Sentinel newspaper was also extremely complimentary about the house and the individual rooms featured in the article. The positive feedback from this tremendous project is almost overwhelming!
We are so proud to be a part of the best showhouse ever!

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AERON said...

The Red Cross Show-house is a great addition to a day out on Las Olas Riverfront. I enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon at one of the restaurants and walked around before seeing the show-house with my girlfriend. It’s real easy to get there, just park at one of the Las Olas parking lots and wave down a Trolley with the Red Cross sign on the side. Make sure you catch a Trolley around 2:00 PM so you don’t miss the last tour at 3:00 PM. I recommend going early (10:00 AM) and catching lunch after the tour. Have fun!