Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get to the Pointe

To properly reveal our glorious interior design
and the amenities of the Valencia Pointe Clubhouse in Boynton Beach,
the builder/developer held a Grand Opening on Saturday, April 12th.

P&H’s owner, officers and selected staff were in attendance
to sample the catered buffet held poolside,
while the featured band played popular tunes in the breezy night air.
The succulent menu included dancing and socializing with some old friends.

And as if that wasn’t enough!

The well-orchestrated event
continued into the Social Hall (we had third row seats!)
to hear the development company president give a
lighthearted and informative speech
to serve as the appetizer for an evening with Joy Behar!
As one of today’s leading comedic talents,
Joy entertained us with laughter and wit.

The exciting evening wound down
with some additional munching & schmoozing,
but the best dessert was
the eye-candy that is Valencia Pointe Clubhouse.

Simply stunning!

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