Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Juror Duty

As previously mentioned in our 2/14/08 Blog,
our owner/president Susan Connor
& interior designer Marisa Leibmann
reported for “Juror Duty” March 31st
at the University of Florida in Gainesville,
to observe and critique the final design projects
prepared by the sophomore class.

It was very rewarding to see the future
“rising stars” in interior design!

Each student’s approach to the in-depth assignment
demonstrated how artists are continually called upon
to think “outside the box."

Some approaches were very unique and interesting,
and displayed the outstanding development that has occurred
during their second year of study.

Two students in particular really got our attention,
and proved that diversity in the field of interior design
is truly the rule, and not the exception!

Special thanks to Assistant Professor Candy Carmel-Gilfilen
& Associate Professor Maruja Torres
for inviting us to participate in this noteworthy event.

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