Thursday, June 12, 2008


As a further update to our prior blogs
regarding the Habitat for Humanity
2008 Builders Blitz, and our desire to
“give back” to the community in honor of
our 20th Anniversary, P&H Interiors
was also lucky enough to make the acquaintance
of house-recipient Yajaira Correa
and her two children.
After helping Habitat build houses for
other families over the years,
Yajaira arrived at the Delray Beach homes’ site
on Sunday to receive the keys to her own new house.

She was aware that the house on the corner,
built by K. Hovnanian Homes,
would be the family’s new home.

What she didn’t know was that
P&H Interiors’ staff and associate volunteers
worked all day on Saturday to provide them
with a fully furnished house,
complete down to the custom murals and
artwork hung on the walls!
Once she turned the key in the lock,
followed closely behind by the builder
and P&H’s president Susan Connor,
her scream of surprise at the completed interior
was confirmation to all of us
that no one had let the cat out of the bag!

Many tears and tissues later, she and her family
walked through each room,
marveling at each new surprise.
“It’s my dream come true,” said Yajaira.
“I’ve always dreamed of owning my own house
and here it is. I still can’t believe it.”
We wish to let both families know
how genuinely happy we are for them,
and that we are so pleased to have been a part
of making their dreams come true.
This is certainly an affair we will always remember!

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