Monday, August 25, 2008


While America cheers
Michael Phelps’ 8 Gold Olympic Medals,
P&H cheers for our 4 Gold and 2 Silver
2008 Prism Awards
which we were honored to receive
at the awards ceremony
held on Saturday, 8/23/08!

P&H was bestowed with these highest honors
by the Gold Coast Builders Association.
This annual event provides competition
from a multitude of categories in all phases
of the design and building industries.

P&H Interiors received awards in
all the categories that we entered, including:

The Gold Award for
“Recreation/Amenities/Clubhouse-Interior Design”
for the Crown located in Miami Beach
(see our Blog series done in March and April of 2007).

For the Parkland private residence that we featured
in our October 2007 Blog entitled “Eighth Wonder”,
3 Gold Prism Awards were received
for “Custom Single Family Home-Living Room,”
“Custom Single Family Home-Outdoor Living Area,” and,
“Custom Single Family Home-Kitchen,” and
2 Silver Prism Awards
for “Custom Single Family Home-Bath,”
and “Custom Single Family Home-Interior Design”.
For the creative talents that provided these
fabulous award-winning projects,
we didn’t have to travel to Beijing …
they were created right here in South Florida,
by P&H Interiors!

Congratulations to our design staff
for their superb design abilities,
worthy of this esteemed recognition!


AERON said...

Congrats to all my fellow coworkers and their successful award winning projects. It’s a pleasure working on such a fun and exigent Art Deco renovation it took a dedicated and talented team to pull it off.

AERON said...
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