Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Kids of Summer

As summer winds to a close, we’d like to reflect back
on PBCC’s Summer Youth College at the FAU campus.
This summer camp allows the children to choose
from a variety of classes that they are interested in,
in order to get a college experience.

Mrs. Kerry Gerlach invited P&H Interiors’
interior designer Marisa Leibmann
back for the second year in a row
to be a guest speaker for the Interior Design class.

The students were ages 11-14,
and Marisa was happy to see
some returning faces from last year.

She explained the role of an Interior Designer,
and answered many questions from the kids.
They were all very interested in the profession,
and Marisa was impressed by the smart questions that were asked.

Enthusiasm and intelligence?
That sounds to me like the perfect ingredients
for future interior designers, for sure!

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