Monday, August 11, 2008

Sledtime Story

Vail, Colorado is the secondary home for our clients,
who requested our assistance to create a custom designed
mountain resort retreat while avoiding
the look of a hunting lodge.

By utilizing shades of blue and brown in the interior,
combined with charming, natural elements,
the end result is a warm and inviting oasis.

Comfortable leather integrated with
rustic-influenced furnishings,
rich tones and textures lend to
the welcoming atmosphere.

The curved settees utilized at the table
add a unique aspect to the family’s dining room.
Custom window treatments accentuate the view
of the beautiful surrounding vistas.

Clever winter-sport themed accessories
incorporated into the children’s bedroom and play area
remind you that the slopes
are only a short ski-lift ride away!
Designing for this breathtaking locale was very rewarding,
and allowed our imaginations to be inspired
from the influences of nature inherent to this region.

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