Monday, October 6, 2008

Grand Canyon

As is normally the case after a model installation
(see our August blog entitled “Triple Crown”),
the Canyon Springs subdivision
in Boynton Beach
has now opened its doors to the newly-installed
Canyon Springs Clubhouse!
As a grand finale to the month of September,
P&H Interiors just completed our final touches
on this warm & inviting clubhouse
done in soothing neutral earth tones
with splashes of terra cotta and green throughout.
The decorative accent colors
are carried abundantly through
the Fitness Center, Kitchen and Social Hall.
But no room in this clubhouse facility
is more welcoming than the Kids Center!
P&H designed a farm theme, complete with a
detailed wall mural surrounding the room.
The scene of a barn and several animals
includes the clever incorporation of an actual sign
outlining the rules for the residents.
The farmhouse chairs and craft tables
continue the farm theme with their authentic styling.
But the fun doesn’t stop there!
Even inside the children’s bathroom,
you’ll find a huge haystack mural
sheltering the farm’s bunnies and chickens!

The attractive exterior limestone columns
are in keeping with the canyon-theme
of this development.
Coupled with the many tile details,
they add a sophisticated practicality.
This clubhouse is now the perfect venue
for the lucky residents of Canyon Springs,
when they need a place to relax and enjoy
the company of their family, friends, and community.

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