Friday, March 20, 2009

Evolving Spaces

Evolving Spaces…One Room At A Time.
That’s the inspiration behind
P&H’s new division, Evolution Design.

For cost-conscious consumers,
this new division will allow clients to obtain
professional assistance to renovate
any space in their home … one room at a time.

Whether the need is to renovate
an entire bathroom or kitchen,
or simply update the current look in any room,
Evolution Design will be every client’s “secret weapon”
for the room’s new concept, the planning,
the purchasing and coordination,
and the ultimate execution of the project.
With 20 years of experience and resources,
our expertise will eliminate costly mistakes
and added expenses, saving you time and money.

In today’s economic climate, we all need
to make the most of our hard-earned dollars.
While updating your home to reflect your own
personalized and harmonized environment,
you also increase the value of your real estate.

An increase in your real estate?!
Who can’t use some of that right now?!

So Start Evolving,
and contact P&H Interiors
to set your vision into motion!

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