Friday, March 27, 2009

Party Prose

Although it has been 4 months since our
we continue to receive feedback
from friends far & near. Below is just a sampling
of those heartwarming comments:

From Jeanne in northern Florida:
“…only a catastrophe
would have kept me from attending.
Meeting you and some of Susan’s other employees
was a pleasure, and certainly confirms what
she has been describing of her wonderful work force.
I am so proud of her and all of you,
for all your accomplishments in those 20 years. Congratulations…”

(don’t you just LOVE her?!?)

From Linda and Phil:
“We just wanted to thank you again
for the lovely evening.
It was wonderful to go down memory lane
with you and your guests…
God Bless and may you enjoy
many years of continued success!”

(they are just as sweet as they can be!)
From Rick in Tampa:

“Thank you so much for thinking about (us)
… It immediately brought back good memories
of working with you, Julie, Pam, Anne
and the rest of your incredible team.
I shall always cherish those times.
We won’t be able to attend…but please know
that we enjoy the fruits of your labors every day
and will raise a glass to toast you that evening.”

(did somebody mention a toast ???)

From Steve at SRD Building Corp. in Boca:

“To Susan and the Awesome Team,
I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to attend…
But I did want to say it has been a pleasure
for the last four years that we have been working together.
Your work and talent have surpassed my expectations
and it truly has been a pleasure getting
to know you and your team.
Congratulations and I look forward to
many years of working together in the future.”

(did he say “work” ??? How can this be “work” if it’s so much fun?!?)

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