Friday, September 25, 2009

Before & After

When we first opened up
our new division, Evolution Design,
we already knew that our
“One Room at a Time” concept was a winner.
By modifying just a few items in a room,
the entire feel of the space
can be completely transformed.

When this Delray Beach client moved to Florida
and began decorating her own home,
she quickly realized it was becoming a hodgepodge.

That’s when she wisely consulted a professional
to assist with her personalized and harmonized design.

She wanted to keep her previously purchased furnishings,
and expressed to us that her budget was an important factor.

we chose to focus on infusing color and texture
to her existing pieces. This allowed her to express
her tropical style with a contemporary flair.
It was important to her that she keep her
beloved Buddhist monk paintings,
so she was very pleased that we were able
to create a new look for her while incorporating
her original artwork and collectibles.

Her walls were warmed up with color,
and a sleek contemporary wallunit was designed to be
super functional while still respecting the limited space.
As evidenced by these before and after photos,
any room can go from fine to fabulous
without spending beyond your budget.

With the addition of contrasting colors and textures,
our client’s home went from average to awesome!

And our client’s reaction?
She’s thrilled with her new design,
and said she couldn’t have imagined it any better!

1 comment:

Olga Vasiuk said...

Indeed, it feels warm and welcoming... It's a place you want to get back to after a busy day...