Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leather Basics

In P&H's ongoing efforts to be as knowledgeable as possible in our field of expertise, our licensed designers continually participate in Continuing Education Courses. Recently a few of our designers took in a class at DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) in Dania Beach called Leather Basics.

Here's a leather knowledge nugget we picked up:
Did you know that because cow hides are so thick they are actually horizontally separated into 3 layers? The top layer is used to for upholstery, shoes, bags, and other fine leather goods. The middle layer is where suede comes from. The lowest layer is used on lower quality goods, such as shoe lining and work gloves.

Everyone is always asking us for the best way to care for their leather furniture. According to Meryl Siegman from Cortina Leathers, the best maintenance is USE! For particularly nasty stains, she recommends a commercial grade leather upholstery cleaner and mentioned there are also cleaners on the market that are made specifically for ink removal.

Still not a fan? Become one:

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