Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smooth as Glass

Our sophisticated blend of unique materials is one of the reasons this striking kitchen has been selected for the cover of April’s issue of Florida Home Builder magazine and has been the recipient of prestigious design awards. We especially love the use of textured glass for the island countertop.

Not only is this material a great choice for aesthetics, but it is low maintenance as well. Glass counters are scratch, heat, and stain resistant. They are non-porous and the most hygienic countertop on the market. The textured finish below the surface even masks fingerprints.

Glass counters are also earth-friendly and good for your health. It is a 100% recyclable material, is radon free, and no sealants or harsh chemicals are used in its production. To learn more, visit www.thinkglass.com.

Researching new materials and discovering unique applications is just some of the ways P&H Interiors remains on the cutting edge of interior design!

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