Monday, April 2, 2007

Crown Update Part IV

Although we began our work on this momentous project in the autumn of 2005, we are just now finalizing the finishing touches on the Crown installation. Part IV of our Crown History blog series brings us to the discovery and recreation of the “Wave bar” in the interior lobby.
During the process of designing the first and second floor lobby interiors, the Historic Preservation Board provided us with an article that contained a rendered photo from the 1940’s of the curved contemporary Wave bar as it first appeared.
Our mission now included the task of designing and recreating this beautiful masterpiece to pay tribute to the original creator. Our photos display the before, during and after phases of this Wave bar installation.
We are so delighted with the finished work of art!

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AERON said...

Once again I scaled in the original floor plan by Mr. Nellenbogen containing the "Wave bar" into AutoCAD. This process allows for an accurate dimension of the bars’ shape as it was originally drawn in 1940.

In further detail, you will see that the elevation of the bar carriers the same lines of the original. However, to accommodate ADA standards a portion of the bar drops lower to meet these needs. This detail is executed at a point were the concave portion curves into a convex shape which makes for a smooth transition.