Friday, March 30, 2007

Crown Update Part III

(The Crown Hotel in Miami today - Rendering provided by STA Architectural Group)

Working from distorted prints from the original architect proved to be the ultimate challenge for our lead designer Aeron Knutson. P&H’s Aeron and Jeff Gammill (the architect from STA) suspected wainscoting on the lower lobby elevation after careful study of an extremely dated print. After extensive research on their part, the former existence of wainscoting was confirmed from its mention in a 1941 newspaper article. All historical elements of this Deco-style building required confirmation in order to properly execute the successful implementation of this restoration.


AERON said...

The prints of the interior were extremely difficult to read. I imported the prints into AutoCAD and scaled the lines to get an accurate dimension on the wainscoting height and details of the originals. I also used this method in AutoCAD with an illustration of the original lobby bar.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Gammill said...
Additonal significance: The Crown was, in fact, the first 'skyscraper' on Miami Beach. (Per Historical Resources Report for the Crown Hotel Building , 2003 by Carolyn Klepser).